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"Donut-Style" Mounting Rings

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  • Donut-style Mounting Rings are a simple, yet effective mounting device that fits over the rim between the bead and rim flange, creating a seal.
  • As the tire expands and the beads begin to seat, the mounting ring slides out over the rim, allowing the beads to fully seat. 
  • NOTE:  O.S.H.A. regulations require that service personnel use a clip-on air chuck with an inline inflator at a recommended distance that keeps the employee out of the trajectory of the tire and rim. 
  • After beads are seated, put tire and rim into approved inflation cage and continue to inflate to prescribe air pressure.
Part # Description Rim Size
14-990 Donut-Style Bead Seaters 13"
14-991 Donut-Style Bead Seaters 14" & 15"
14-992 Donut-Style Bead Seaters 16.5" & 17.5"
14-993 Donut-Style Bead Seaters 19.5"
14-994 Donut-Style Bead Seaters 22.5" & 24.5"
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1150 Heritage Road, Burlington, Ontario, Canada, L7L 4X9